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 Kah'Ma'Jira Characters

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PostSubject: Kah'Ma'Jira Characters   Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:28 am

put them here.

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PostSubject: Re: Kah'Ma'Jira Characters   Wed Feb 02, 2011 2:21 pm

Name: Branimir (bron “protection” + mer “great/famous/peace/world”)
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Hybrid
Alignment: Good
Age: 19
Weight: 207
Height: 7’0”
Knight of: Jah’Thur, power of animal communication and borrowing. Bran takes something from an animal, fur, bone, tooth, or something and uses it to focus his ability and use those characteristics to his advantage. He needs the item now because his ability is still young.
Likes: Animals, children, food, running, open spaces, water, and making things.
Dislikes: Vegetables, birds, old bossy people, cold places, and enclosed areas.
Personality: Branimir is easy going and a bit of a loner. He doesn’t care for large groups of people, but when comfortable he is very sociable. He’s protective, cunning, and appears brooding. He’s very close to the people in his village and protects them fiercely against any who might decide to cause him harm.
Looks: Branimir is very tall, even for the Jah’Thur standards, he reaches seven feet even and his weight is made of mostly muscle, though his size might be deceiving to some he is extremely fast, and has amazing control over his body. He’s very muscular, and has broad shoulders. His skin is a nice caramel tan hue. His skin that of chocolate. He wears it long as per custom of the men in his tribe. His body is decorated by the white tribal tattoos that show he is a warrior, and a successful one at that. The two paws on his chest represent his animal familiar, the Jah’Thur Wolf, which is also know for its remarkable size and abilities to hunt and blend into its surroundings. Branimir’s eyes are a very turquoise color that stands out against his skin and hair. Branimir’s jewelry is made up from the different animals so that he may utilize their powers.
History: Branimir is an orphan; he was brought to his village by the kindness of Jah’Thur mother wolf. The story is said that the mother wolf walked bravely into the palace, her presence masked so she could walk through in peace, only allowing humans to see her when she stopped. It is said that might wolf set a bundle down in front of the king’s feet and walked away. It was a baby Branimir, looking up at the king with one of kind eyes, and never once when he was growing up was it said that he cried. Most people believe that Branimir was born from the Mother Wolf, giving explanation to his remarkable ability to communicate and be around even the wildest animals, an ability that none of his time have ever seen.

(The head dress is merely ceremonial, he doesn’t wear it all the time, but the jewelry he does wear)

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PostSubject: Re: Kah'Ma'Jira Characters   Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:03 am

Name: Thadal Unda

Gender: Male

Species/Race: human

Alignment: Good


Weight: 190


Knight of: Wah'khem can manipulate all forms of water/liquid.

Likes: water, trees, shade, the oceans breeze.

Dislikes: desert, dry heat, assholes.

Personality: know it all/ slightly narsasitic. But nice guy in general
Looks: thin muscular body, violent purple eyes, blue and black hair which is short in the back long in the front, hears light blue and grey robes and carries a spear.
History: Thadal was the child of two of the most powerful members of their village but his parents died less than a month after he was born so he was raised by a legendary group of monks who were heroes amongst the Wah'khem. Trained in the fighting arts of his people since he was a baby and his wish to follow in the foot steps of the monks who raised him and with his dreams of surpassing both the monks and the legacy left by his parents Thadal now rounds himself a wondering warrior attempting to become a legend.

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PostSubject: Re: Kah'Ma'Jira Characters   

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Kah'Ma'Jira Characters
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