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 ..:: Never Look Back ::..

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PostSubject: ..:: Never Look Back ::..    Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:03 am

Name (first, last):
Title: (optional. some characters may have a title they are known by depending on how famous or infamous they are.)
Race: (Human/Halfling/Aion -- if Halfling or Aion, what kind are you?)
Personality: (Can be played out)
Crush: (Just because this is a fantasy rp doesn't mean their cant be romance!)
Magic: (Whether it is natural to them or they are able to use it because of a weapon/armor/jewerly)
Abilities: (This is for the Halflings. If you are one, message me or ask me about the abilities for the certain types of Halflings)
Appearance: (eye color. hair color/style. clothing. different appearance in other forms)
Familiar: (Type/Description)
Backstory: (Can be played out)

Alright. So you are allowed to choose one of the three races:

.:: HUMAN ::. Humans have the largest population. They have no power over magic and cannot turn into animals but are capable of having familiars (familiars will be explained later). They are very good with constructing something from nothing and are renowned for their inventions and technology.
Note: A human can have magic but only if they possess an item forged from the elemental essence. If you want to read more on this, scroll down to the Elemental Essence section.

.:: HALFLING ::. Halflings have a medium-sized population. These creatures take on a human like form but have animal attributes. These attributes can vary from wolf ears and tails to bird wings or insect antennae – Any normal animal. They have no power over magic but can turn into beasts depending on their animal spirit and gender and can talk in this form as well (email me for information on this). Although they do not have power over magic, they have special skills that are set to their different animals.
Example: The wolf tribe. When a female wolf Halfling takes on her beast form she will become fairly large and wispy, like a ghost. She is capable of phasing through walls and is untouchable by anything that isn’t a Halfling, Aion, or magic. A male wolf Halfling become very large, fast, and strong. They are dangerous to be near. This animal Halfling has the ability to sing siren-like songs that lure men, or women (depending on gender) to their certain death.

.:: AION ::. Aions have a very small and reclusive population. These creatures take on human form but have markings over their bodies they will generally try to hide. These markings are only in the areas of the bodies where they can summon or retract their creature attributes (example: dragon wings will have markings on the back where they would form). These creatures have a slight power over magic which is stylized to the individual creature type. They can take on their true forms but are incapable of talking in this form. These creatures are rumored to be made of magic and many hunt these individuals believing that consuming a part of their body, the individual will gain untold powers. (example: consume the eye of a dragon and get the ability to see infrared or see in the dark)


Now that we got the races down… here are some extra tidbits:

.:: FAMILIAR ::. Only humans are able to have these. Familiars are truly Aions that have not been connected to the Goddess. Each race is connected to the goddess the moment they are conceived. When an Aion is born on a New Moon they lose the tie that the moon gives them to their goddess and they become forced into beasts (normally peaceful). Depending on the type of spirit, it may be a dragon aion or a gryphon aion, etc. These are very rare. If you want one of these, please e-mail me so we can work something out. The Aion will choose it’s owner and there have only been a handful of recorded accounts of individuals having an Aion making a pact.

.:: ELEMENTAL BEINGS ::. These demi-gods are currently dormant in the center of the continent. Occasionally one will come out of its slumber and roam the land trying to fix the world. Humans and Halflings, in order to aid them in battles, have fought and sometimes killed these creatures. The essence an Elemental Being leaves behind have magical properties that can be forged.

.:: ELEMENTAL ESSENCE ::. This is the remains of an Elemental being. Humans and Halflings have forged this essence into weapons and jewelry in order to give an edge to the war. These items allow a strong control of magic and is known to overwhelm the natural control of an Aion of the same element.
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Never Look Back ::..    Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:11 am

Name (first, last): Crypt Keeper

Title: "The White Reaper"

Age: looks to be in about his early 20’s

Race: Human

Personality: Kind and Caring. He is friendly to all races because of his past and is very calm and mature. Is willing to throw himself into the face of danger in order to protect someone.

Crush: NoNe

Weapon(s): Dragon-bone scythe. Created from his fathers deceased dragon familiar after it had saved his family.

Magic: Electricity. There is an lightning elemental gem placed within the dragon scythe. This magic is rarely used.

Appearance: His hair is jet black and messy, fairly long for a guy but normally hidden under a hood. He has facial hair in the form of a scratchy/stubby beard but he never lets it grow out. His eyes are an eerie white. The key feature to him is his white cloak that he wears, the hood always up. Underneath it is chest armor and cargo-type pants along with hide boots that run up to his knee. His hands and arms are bandaged up.

Familiar: Technically, yes. Talios is his griffin familiar but they have yet to form a pact between one another. To form a pact with a griffin, one must ride it. Crypt believes it is degrading to Talios so he refuses to ride so this causes some quarreling between the two.

Backstory: Crypt was born into a family of human merchants. Despite their race, they were on good standing several Halfling and Aion villages and were often welcomed with open arms. Despite this, traveling was still dangerous for the small family especially acting as a main stream of trade for several villages. In this desperate time, Crypt’s father took on the occupation of bounty hunting to not only raise extra money, but to practice combat in order to protect his family.
Along with his missions, his father’s familiar, a crimson dragon, aided him securing every bounty taken on. Because of this dragon, the Keeper family was well known and often praised. As they made several allies, they rivaled in enemies.
On one of the last few trade runs they were ambushed. Crypt, being too young, was unable to aid his father and his dragon during the fight. His sole job was to protect his mother which he carried out. At the end of the fight, the few remaining mercenaries fled leaving the merchants goods scattered, the mother and son shaken, the father grieving over his dead familiar.
Crypt’s father, in his mourning of his other half, took the bones of the dragon and formed it into a scythe believing that even in death his partner would want to continue on in fighting in defense of their family. It was believed that the dragon’s soul continued to live on within the scythe.
The family eventually settled down in a human village. Crypt’s father was growing older and weaker from his grieving as his mother’s own spirits were growing feebler to her mourning husband. Crypt, in order to live his life, was urged by his parents to leave the home and explore the world. Setting out, he was graced with his father’s scythe and he set out onto his journey at the age of 16.
Over the years he had traveled all over the merged continent growing older and gaining the title of “The White Reaper” referring to the white cloak and dragon scythe. On his journeys he helped anyone and everyone while taking on a bounty hunting role in place of his father.
Upon one of his journeys he obtained his familiar, Talios, after saving a clutch of eggs from robbers in a mountainous region. To this day he has yet to complete his pact with the gryphon.
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Vigil Moon

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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Never Look Back ::..    Tue Jan 31, 2012 12:02 am

Name (first, last): Sorin Vigil

Title: The Black Flame

Sex: Male

Age: looks to be in his early 2o’s but is Ancient.

Race: Aion

True-Form: Black Phoenix

Personality: Calm, kind, observer

Alignment: Neutral

Weapon(s): Carries an ancient Hand-and-a-Half sword with a black blade. Can also conjure Talons made of Flames.

Magic: Controls Black Flames.

Abilities: Can summon Black angelic wings made of Flames. Can heal almost any wound with his tears.

Appearance: Long Black hair he wears braided, Violent Purple eyes which shine in the dark, Wears a hooded fine black (Monk like) robes with silver flame patterns sown in, which he wears an ancient finely forged plate chest piece. He also wears matching plate gauntlets, Plate boots, and a plate shoulder cover over his right shoulder. His sword is a Hand-and-half sword with a black blade, the hand guard is made of a dark grey metal shaped into two wings that are spread open, the grip is made from Rosewood and at the pummel is a large white diamond which comes to a sharp point at its end. He has black tattoo like markings on his back wear his wings sprout and on his arms. (will post picture when I find one)

True Form: A Large Black Phoenix with black and purple flames which make his feathers.

Backstory: Among the Phoenix kind, Sorin of the Black Flame was revered. He was one of the oldest of their kind, and had been a Hero amongst their kind, that was until one day when the village attacked one of their own, and killed a Halfling priestess. Sorin did not like the way the things were going within the Village so he left and has been traveling the world for almost a century watching as the world went round. He helped where he could and guided the young towards a better tomorrow. He held no hatred for any of the races and had traveled amongst them all. He never really had a true profession he just had a nack for showing up where he was needed and getting what was needed done.

Get the Bitch a Cannon, Bitches Love Cannons.
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Never Look Back ::..    Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:17 pm

Name: Dakeious

Title: The Last Song

Age: 21

Sex: Female

Race: Halfling -wolf-

Personality: Clam, kind, mischievous, protective and loving.

Crush: Does not have any.

Weapon(s): Has all the ability's of a Halfling, but specialties are her song to lure in her pray.

Magic: Does not have power over magic but, wears a special necklace to store all the souls she has devoured. Save them for a snack on the side o^-^o

Abilities: Has all the ability's of a wolf Halfling, but is more advanced in the seduction of her pray. Able to take on the voices of the people she has devoured, and is one of the fastest of her species. Is a master of "hide ans seek" and can get into your mind without reading it.

Appearance: Brown/Red long flowing hair, had bright yellow glowing eyes that shine like gold, wears a number of clothing which consists of long flowing skirts and a belly top. Always has a lot of jewelry, which consists of bracelets, necklaces (long and short), earrings (mainly white gold hoops), and a belly ring (Shape of a wolfs head). looks a lot like a Gypsy, but lesser clothing. Has soft facial features, even though she look intimidating. Eyes, have onyx eye- liner with different shades of eye shadow, and wears a brown/red lip coloring.

Wolf form: Is a glowing transparent gold, eyes turn purple, razor sharp teeth (canines are 5 inches long) that shine in the moonlight, and the howl is of a women screaming.


Build: Athletic

Back story: Dakeious was born of a family of miners. her father is famous for mining a special element known as gold.
When Dakeious turned 18 she was promised to one of the males in her clan. days before the wedding, she caught her best friend and her mate to be having sexual relations. Enraged, Dakeious disposed of them both in a blacked rage. When she came back to reality, the belief of what had been done was to unbearable for Dakeious to endure. She ran to her father in a panic and explained everything that had happened. its was decided that the bodies of the two lovers would be hidden within the rich soil of her father land to forever be concealed. Unable to handle the facts of what happened, Dake told her father she would be traveling the world and hunt those who dare to hunt the innocent.
As the years past, Dakeious become more knowledgeable and her skills as a hunter are in her prime. she awaits those quietly who hurt women and children, making herself bait. She asks as a helpless victim, but then turns the tables and makes the apposed predators her pray.
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PostSubject: Re: ..:: Never Look Back ::..    

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..:: Never Look Back ::..
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