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PostSubject: Apocolypse    Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:48 pm

Across the world, the economy started to fail as our natural resources started drying up and countries started to wage war against each other, with corrupt leaders holding the reigns, to gain precious materials such as water, vegetation, and oil. The lifestyle of every human was changed and some people couldnt hand the firm rations the UN put into place to save resources. As our world grew dim with depression and loss, the government tried to fix everything by setting their best scientists on making a drug that would surpass all other anti depressants. A drug that would trick the human mind into think things had always been this way, that they werent suffering at all. Some people obivously objected to such tampering of the human mind but they were silenced with little effort.

When the scientist finished the drug, it was taken by blood transfusion. They called it HappyX, it was tested on a select group of people from all age and race groups to be sure of its efficiency. At first the test group showed significant change in their mood and behavior. They felt content, even happy with the way the world was and felt no need to complain and went about their lives.

HappyX was released to the world, doctors started giving it to patients right away and everything seemed to be getting better.

Then it happened. People started having bad reactions to the drug. Many elderly just died from their bodies rejecting it, but most people became overly violent, attacking anyone who was unlucky enought to be near. The strange reaction made them stronger and faster, excellant predators. they hunted anything that moved.

Now the people who hadnt gotten their transfusions have to fight everyday to survive, even killing their loved ones if it comes down to it. But they fight anyway because there is nothing stronger than a human beings will to survive.


okay quick side note- these zombies arent contagious, you dont become one unless you had a transfusion, but remember, there still isnt very many survivers because most of the world already has it.

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